10 Simple Ways to Lose Weight

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Every one of us hate that annoying belly fat and want to feel toned and healthy, but the process of losing weight can be boring and tiring just thinking about it! Like getting up and doing all those burpees, squats and pushups is something that a lot of us hate doing. But don’t be sad, stay optimistic because in this video we’ll be breaking down the 10 simplistic ways and strategies of losing a ton of fat without ever lifting a dumbbell. 

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Use Small Plates for Serving:

So the first simple way is using small plates, mainly because in large plates the portion looks smaller and your brain keeps on telling you that the plate looks empty, and so what will happen is that you’ll have an urge to eat more, but by serving food in smaller plates you can trick your mind by confusing it that the plate is overloaded already, and by doing this you can avoid overeating.

Eat Your Salad Before Meal:

This strategy works guys! If you eat a low-calorie appetizer (salad) before having your main course meal then it can help to suppress your appetite, making you feel fuller, and actually, you would have eaten a number of nutrients, minerals, and fiber which in themselves hold a lot of nutritional importance. So you’re consuming more minerals and less fat 😉 

Keeping Phone aside:

The prominent reason for overeating is watching videos while eating and trust me it happens a lot of the time. Because you keep on eating without even realizing that you’re actually affecting your stomach by eating more than your needs. So turn off Netflix, savor your food and eat peacefully!

Intermittent Fasting:

This powerful strategic weapon is known as intermittent fasting. I know this might be a little hard for someone who hasn’t done this before but trust me, it’s not just for weight loss, its way more than that. It’s proven that fasting twice in a week, improves blood circulation in your body also helps you eradicate laziness and minor diseases.

Move your Body a Little Bit:

Coming to my next point “move your body” Wait a minute, moving your body doesn’t mean going to the gym and doing an intense workout. It’s just doing minimal effort like using the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator and by doing this you might be burning a considerable amount of calories.  

Drink Water before Eating:

Surprisingly, this trick helps a lot in your goal to losing weight. Drinking water before your meal helps reduce weight by 44%! And that’s just over a period of 3 months! So basically once you drink a glass of water just before eating you will feel fuller and you’ll end up eating according to your body needs only! It’s so simple!

Sugar Is The Culprit:

One of the easiest ways to shed weight is not to put it on in the first place. Avoiding sugar will save you from weight gain, so it’s better to avoid foods such as sweet yummy cakes and mouth-watering bakery items to avoid fast sugar in the diet and to stay away from exercise eventually.

Chew Your Food Slowly:

Another interesting strategy is chewing your food slowly, It’s often said that chewing your food quickly simple lead to over-eating so chewing it slowly and gradually which not only suppresses your hunger but also allows your body to absorb all the nutrients from the food and that’s what you all need, “nutrients”.

Sleeping might Help You:

Yep, buddy, you’ve heard it right! Logically, a person who spends a huge time of his day sleeping is quite less likely to get hungry or having extra cravings throughout the day. Because the leading reason for obesity is over-eating. So here’s this seriously effortless and one of my favorite way for weight loss like just stay tucked in your soft, comfy bed accompanying your cute furry teddy and keep losing weight tadaa!

Avoid Soft Drinks:

So last but not least guys “avoiding soft-drinks”, fulfill your thirst with water, stone fruit lemon-lime, or maybe low-fat milk. If you get hungry between meals, try a glass of healthy and low-calorie vegetable juice to keep you over. Drinking soft drinks is literally one of the destructive addiction that has developed in the mind of our people over the years, thanks to famous commercials which keeps insisting us to buy one hmm.

The Outro of Video:

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