Anime Hairstyle Tutorial 2

Music Credits
1. Namco x Capcom – Rockman Dash
2. Capcom vs SNK 1 – Theme of Morrigan

Hair products I use
Shampoo & Conditioner – Dove Damage Therapy 2in1
Heat Protection – CHI
Styling Products – Gatsby Spikey Edge and Got2Be Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

1. Wash your hair first using Shampoo & Conditioner.
2. Apply ‘Heat Protection’ product while your hair is still a bit wet.
3. Tilt your head to the sides and let gravity work with you while you blow dry your hair.
4. Use a straightener, curve it up so your hair goes up. (It makes it easier style your hair doing so.)
5. Apply little bits of product to your hair like ‘Gatsby’ don’t apply all at once.
6. How to do the back, put your head down and do how faux hawks are done.
7. Crazy spikes, simply twist the tips only if you want a softer spike look.
8. When you’re done shaping your hair, freeze it with hairspray.

ps: I would only recommend doing these type of hairstyles on occasional events. gel products are not healthy for your hair and so is dyeing your hair.

Hope this Helps.
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