Do This for Younger Looking Skin

Do you wake up with dark circles under puffy eyes? Or find yourself having acne flare-ups when you least expect them? Or what about a dull, uneven complexion? 

Here are 5 ways and some bonus tips to get your skin looking young, fresh and vibrant.


  Exercise doesn’t just make you feel younger, it makes you look younger too! Recent studies have shown that exercising can turn off the aging process in your chromosomes and have you looking and feeling younger. Some of the youthful benefits you will encounter when adding exercise to your routine are

  • Makes you look and feel invigorated 
  • Improves blood flow which gives the skin a soft supple appearance
  • Increases sex drive-which has been proven to reduce signs of aging
  • Keeps skin soft and glowing
  • Helps You Sweat out toxins which help keep skin clear

2.Drink Water

     Drinking water is essential for a glowing complexion. Not drinking enough water can leave you severely dehydrated – which can leave you with dry, wrinkly skin. Some of the benefits of drinking water are: fewer wrinkles, improved skin tone, brighter complexion, helps clear acne, and keeps skin hydrated and moisturized from within. Water is considered as the wonder moisturizer and aids in keeping you look younger-and slimmer! Not drinking enough water makes your skin puffy and bloated. So, keep sipping your way to smooth, clear skin!

3.Use Sunscreen

Going out in the sun-even for short durations without sunscreen can be extremely damaging to the skin. Not wearing sunscreen can lead to unsightly sunburns and it’s been proven that the sun damages your skin’s collagen and connective tissue. Wearing sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful rays, but studies show that wearing sunscreen decreases aging by up to 24%!  So, don’t go out in the sun until you’ve lathered on a sunscreen containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and an SPF of 30 and up.

4.Use retinol 

Retinol has been an underground beauty secret used by beauty insiders for years, but it’s only just recently gotten widespread exposure. It serves as a collagen booster and plumps out skin, evens fine lines and wrinkles and helps give a more youthful appearance. It also improves skin tone and can help fade dark spots. Whether you get it from the beauty store of your preference or get it from your dermatologist retinol is a game changer in the race to younger looking skin. 

 *tip* If it’s your first time using a retinol product your skin can become dry and flaky for the first 2 weeks so you might want to wear a good moisturizer, wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun. Consult your skin doctor for recommendations

5.See a dermatologist 

    Some doctors recommend you start visiting a dermatologist as young as in your teens. With such a wide variety of beauty products on the market, it can be confusing trying to determine what products work best for your type of skin. Getting ahead of any issues and determining your skin type and what works best will save you the hassle of finding out through trial and error on your own. If you find yourself struggling with acne, rashes, eczema, psoriasis or hyperpigmentation a dermatologist will develop a treatment plan that will no doubt have you glowing with the skin you didn’t know you could have. 

*tip* Most dermatologists require a doctor’s referral before a visit, but if you want to skip the referral, you can most often make an appointment with the dermatology department of a large hospital.

Which beauty secrets keep you looking young? Share them in the comments below and don’t forget to hit the like button and click subscribe to brainstorm your way to happiness.

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