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How to Apply Eyeliner on Waterline – Lower | Bottom Lid

What is Waterline Eyeliner?

Every makeup enthusiast must have heard the term “waterline”. It’s pretty much impossible to be in the makeup game and not have heard about the waterline. “Waterline” is a beauty term; It is the line of skin between the eyelashes and the eye. A waterline eyeliner usually is a lining product that you use to line over your waterline. Sort of like the traditional “kohl” but it can vary from formulae to formulae, texture to texture, etcetera. While looking for a good waterline eyeliner, it is essential that we only purchase the best eyeliner for waterline, taking in the fact that our eyes are very sensitive organs and deserve proper treatment.

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How to Apply Eyeliner on Waterline

One of the common questions you hear from new makeup enthusiasts or learners is, “how do I apply eyeliner on my waterline?”

Our waterline is a very sensitive part of the eyes because it is so close to the cornea. Eyes are generally susceptible organs. One rough move and you can end up with immense irritation, red, puffy, and watery eyes. While dealing with the eyes, especially when playing with makeup, one ought to be more careful. So the question is, how does one apply waterline eyeliner without damaging their eyes? The number one rule to that is looking for the best eyeliner for waterline suitable for your eyes as well as skin type.   

With that, here’s how to apply eyeliner on waterline, broken down into four easy steps.

Step – 1: Selecting the Best Eyeliner for Waterline

First and foremost, you must select the waterline eyeliner you’re going to be using. Try to choose the best eyeliner for waterline in accordance with your skin type and eye sensitivity. Look for the color you’re going for and pick a liner.

Step – 2: Cleaning Your Eyes

The second and the most important step is cleaning your eyes. Make sure your waterline and eye are clean. Do not rub them while cleaning them. You can use a q-tip to clean your waterline. Make sure there is no previous makeup in your eye before applying your waterline eyeliner. This is why it’s essential to use the best eyeliner for waterline that matches your skin type as well as eye sensitivity so that they do not cause problems when it’s time to remove your makeup. Applying some rose water in your eyes beforehand is usually a good technique and healthy for your eyes.

Step – 3: Applying Eyeliner on Waterline

The third step is where you’re going to finally apply your waterline eyeliner. Eyes are sensitive organs so applying products in our eye is not exactly the safest thing to do. So in order to keep the eyes safe while still rocking the look planned, one must choose only the best eyeliner for waterline. Remember, prevention is better than cure. In order to apply the liner, you’re going to have to use your finger and gently drag the skin of your under-eye down, so that the waterline is exposed. Then you’re supposed to take your eyeliner using your other hand and gently glide the product over your waterline until it is completely coated with pigment.

Step – 4: Shading Your Eyes

An additional step that you can do which can make your waterline eyeliner look even more bomb is coating some eyeshadow pigment (the colour of your liner) on an eyeshadow applicator and lightly dabbing it over your waterline. The best eyeliner for waterline to your capabilities is going to go along with eyeshadow pigment so well and give your eyes that extra vibrancy.


How to Apply Eyeliner under Eye

One of the things that you can do if you’re going for more of a bold look to compliment your waterline eyeliner is applying eyeliner on your under the eye. An easy way to do it right is taking your eyeliner, stroking it on your under-eye a couple of times. Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush, coating it with some eyeshadow, and then proceeding to blend your eyeliner using the pigment-coated brush. This is going to give you a beautiful smokey eye look.


How to Apply Eyeliner on Lower Lid or Bottom Lid

Another fantastic technique that you can use to enhance your waterline eyeliner’s look is applying the eyeliner on your lower lid. This method is pretty straight forward. You’re going to have to take your waterline eyeliner, apply it close to your lower lash line and then blend it nice and subtle till you’re satisfied with the way it looks. You can also use a cream concealer to clean any mess made.

Applying liquid eyeliner on your bottom lid can be a bit tricky since liquid liners tend to dry quickly. If you’re going for more of a smokey look, then make sure you’re quick to blend the liquid liner as soon as you apply it. Don’t forget to clean the under eyes with a bit of concealer. We wouldn’t wish to deal with raccoon eyes, now would we?  

If you’re going for a bold or dark eye, then line your bottom lid using a liquid eyeliner of any colour of your choice. Apply some eyeshadow on top of that to give it a matte finish.



Where waterline eyeliners can beautify your makeup look two times more, they also have an equal ability to go wrong if not used correctly. In order for the latter to not happen, one must work with the best eyeliner for waterline to assure not only the beauty of the eye but also the safety. A little care goes a long way.


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