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How to Clean a Wax Warmer – A Complete Guide

Using a wax warmer is the most convenient method of waxing. It is cheap and requires a lot less time and effort. Above all, you can do it yourself within the comfort of your home! But one question that all wax machine user thinks that How to Clean a Wax Warmer?

Don’t worry! We’ve defined the complete usage of wax warmer in the article below. Before you proceed further, we recommend to take a look at some best Wax Warmers in the market.

Working with a wax heating machine is very satisfying as well. You pour the hard wax beads into the pot and watch it meltdown. The process of wax beans taking the form of a gooey, sticky liquid is almost therapeutic. However, this therapeutic session can quickly turn into a headache once you realize that the wax has completely solidified. It just means difficulty at cleaning the wax warmer.

Cleaning wax warmers are essential. Keeping a clean warmer means preventing the build-up of wax and sticky residue. Furthermore, thorough cleaning of the exterior gives a much more professional feel and makes your experience pleasant.

Ideally, one should clean their wax heating machine every 20 hours. The best time to do so is when you can no longer smell the fragrance of melted wax. Cheaper wax beads hold fragrance for 5-8 hours, while good-quality wax beads can hold their fragrance for 20 hours.

Cleaning wax warmers can be a bit tricky, without a doubt. If you’re working with the best wax warmer, the job eases a bit. However, it still requires learning and patience. Here’s how you can keep your wax warmers clean and hygienic, broken down into two simple steps.


How to Clean a Wax Pot


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To clean the pot of a wax machine, we must turn it on first. The wax heating machine’s heat will melt down all the leftover wax residue and make the process easier.

If you’re using the best wax warmer, the melting will take less time. Once we feel like the wax is completely melted, we need to take it out of the pot. You can pour it out using a wooden wax applicator or simply use a paper towel to collect the residue. 

Once that is done, we have a somewhat cleaner pot. This allows us to jump on to our next step.



How to Remove Wax from a Warmer


The pot of our wax machine is already clean to some extent. Now is the time we make sure to erase all traces of wax.ILansley Wax Warmer - Waxing Kit for Hair Removal

A great trick is to use any oil. Pour some oil into the pot while the body wax warmer is still hot. Once you do that, you can simply clean the insides using tissue paper or cloth.

This will remove most parts of the residue. Now, the residue left is the stubborn hard wax that refuses to melt. The best way to take that out of the wax

 heating machine is by scraping it while it’s hot. You can use a wooden wax applicator to scrape the hard wax off.



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Make sure to scrape every bit of hard wax. Once that is done, you can turn off the machine and wipe the insides one last time using a cloth. You can also clean the exterior using the same oil-technique and rubbing it to the best of your abilities. Now you have a squeaky clean wax warmer to work with.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not use this leftover wax. Melted wax is best to be used till its fragrance remains. Wax doesn’t evaporate, but still, its use after the fragrance disappears is not recommended.



Waxing is a lot more fun to do when your instruments are clean and hygienic. By not cleaning wax warmer, you compromise with your skin. To remain hairless and smooth while taking care of all the hygiene precautions, one must keep their wax machine clean. A clean wax warmer means a better waxing experience.

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