lalla mariam habibi youtube channel side chicks vs wives in islam

Lalla Mariam Habibi talks Side Chicks vs Wives in Islam

Social media influencer Lalla Mariam Habibi’s new YouTube video “Side Chicks vs Wives in Islam” discusses the pros and cons of men having side chicks versus Muslim men being allowed to have up to four wives.

The beginning of the video “Side Chicks vs Wives in Islam” starts off with an analogy about the main wife or girlfriend being the main course while the girl “on the side” is akin to having a side order of cole slaw. I have to admit-I chuckled at that one. Mariam went on to point out just how damaging these seemingly innocent flings are; broken hearts, illegitimate children, insecurity issues, broken homes, sexually transmitted diseases, women having no rights within the relationship. You name it, the list goes on.

Akon, a famous rapper turned mega business man, is from Senegal but found fame and a home in America. He has at least 4 wives and is a proud Muslim but mentions the fact that he doesn’t practice his faith the way he should. Akon made an appearance in the video along with fellow rapper turned radio host Noreaga. “Polygamy? I gotta be Muslim and say the shahada to do that?” asks Noreaga. “No, you could be Christian-it’s in the bible. Or Mormon,” replies Akon. It’s clear all the men in the room were intrigued and fascinated by a man having more than one wife.

The end of the video leaves off with a friendly reminder to all the cheating men: “stop being whores” and for the ladies: “remember, if he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat on you.”

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